Advance DSDT, new FR declaration, obligatory from 15th September 2015

The advance DSDT, a continuation of the ICS (Import Control System) regulation, is an advance Summary Declaration for Temporary Storage sent to French Customs in anticipation by the carrier or its representative when goods are to be unloaded in the France but when France is not the first point of entry into the EU. This declaration mainly concerns maritime transport.


The DSDT addressed to the French Customs Administration is a “copy” of the ENSs already registered with the ICS at the first point of entry in another EU Member State, and for which MRNs were attributed.


Where necessary, advance DSDT declarations must be completed with the list of community goods (not subject to the ENS declaration) which will be unloaded later in France.


The advance DSDT contains the ENS data as well as four additional data elements: the temporary storage authorisation number, the location of the goods, the customs status and the code of the office of unloading. Based on the DSDT data, a risk analysis is then carried out at a national level.

The ND (in English, Notification of Unloading) will be sent to each subsequent office, notifying customs of the goods that will actually be unloaded there.


And if France is the first point of entry into the EU ?

The advance DSDT will only be necessary if goods not covered by ICS are to be unloaded in FR.





ICS via conex is the very first solution to be certified (reference No. DSDT-001 !) compliant with the advance DSDT regulation by the French Customs Administration.