01/10 - DELTA G – Transparent transition for CONEX clients

In a note to operators dated 1st October, FR customs announced the up-coming implementation of the new teleservice, DELTA-G. This DELTA-G application will only support the 2012 schema that CONEX has already integrated into its DELTApass software since the beginning of 2015.

The first phase plans to have this teleservice accessible for DELTA C procedures, then DELTA D procedures will be added at a later date.


In the information note, FR Customs indicates that:

  • it is necessary to send up-dated information about your PEDI relationship to the CID certification service;
  • you must test the application in the FORMATION (Training) environment before going live.

As a CONEX client using the DELTApass solution, you are not concerned by these steps and the transition between DELTAC/D and DELTA-G will be transparent for you.