EUROPSTAT by conex


  • Europe
  • For all goods dispatched or arriving beteween Member States of the European Union. Auditors or public accounting firms mandated by companies to perform all or some of their European operations on their behalf.
  • European Intrastat delcaration for the circulation of goods inside the European customs territory.
    Preparation of the file to transmit to European fiscal administration.


  • Software solution making it possible to enter data manually or to interface with another system to recover data upstream.



EUROPstat has received the label certified compliant by French customs

It has been designed for arrivals and dispatches between companies within the European Union, but also for public accounting firms and representatives appointed to carry out all or a part of the European operations on their behalf.



Puce-rouge Data entry made easy and secure!

Data can be entered automatically by interfacing  with other data processing tolls or by using an EDI  connection. Pre-filled files for customer / supplier, exchange rate,  nomenclature, etc. information help avoid recapturing data and securing the creation of your reports.



Puce-rouge Resolutely European software

EUROPstat is available in a number of languages and European versions and takes care of printing the intrastat declaration according to the regulation of the country concerned.

An exit interface allows you to transfer your data from one version directly to another within the European Union (the principle of mirroring between all the countries of the EU).


Puce-rouge A monthly statistical and fiscal report


Every month, EUROPstat prints an Intrastat declaration for all the intra-EU exchanges carried out for the same company or for each division that makes up that company.


This declaration is transmitted electronically to the administration. EUROPstat archives the contents of your declarations for future consultation or re-printing.