L'Encyclopédie Douanière


  • France / European Union
  • Managers of customs and legal departments, declarants and commercial representatives requiring customs regulation information.
  • Customs tariff, official publications, specific regulations, customs regulatory surveillance.




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Customs information a simple click away!

Encyclopédie Douanière” (Customs Encyclopaedia) is a collection of electronic texts covering European and French customs regulations.

Stemming from regulatory and administrative sources, a variety of modules are proposed. Encyclopédie Douanière is consulted on our platform on line in real time. Create your own personal declarant’s encyclopaedia by selecting the modules of your choice!

puce-TarifDouanier_thumb_medium39_38CUSTOMS TARIFF

  • France

Used in the framework of the French Customs Administration’s DELTA customs clearance system, the customs tariff includes, with reference to the nomenclature of goods used for customs clearance, the wording of associated definitions and the rates of duties and taxes applicable according to the origin of the goods along with miscellaneous regulations, quotas, prohibitions, etc.

The customs tariff module benefits from the Harmonised System Explanatory Notes in its database. These explanatory notes are based on the international convention of goods descriptions and codifications called the “Harmonised System” (HS). The HS explanatory notes are general observations added to the tariff notes and are an additional aide for classifying goods.


  • A Belgian version of the customs tariff exists under the name SELECTARIF 4.0.


puce-TextesOfficiels_thumb_medium39_38OFFICAL PUBLICATIONS

Thanks to this module, you have direct and rapid access to the consolidated Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) or official French publications (JORF, BOD …) which establish regulatory customs tariff measures. These publications are consulted in PDF format and require Adobe ® Acrobat Reader ® to be installed.



puce-Avis_de_Classement_thumb_medium39_38CLASSIFICATION NOTICE

 A genuine classification tool! This "classification help tool" lists all the goods classification notices published by the relevant organisations.



puce-PublicationsElectroniques_thumb_medium39_38ELECTRONIC PUBLICATIONS

The publications include regulatory and conventional measures and practical details concerning their interpretation and application. Within the “Encyclopédie Douanière” it is possible to select one or a number of electronic publications according to your professional needs.


  • Customs value: determining the value, evaluation methods, assessment bases for VAT and other taxes.
  • Origin: definition, rules and justification of origin.
  • Customs clearance methods and procedures – Normal Clearance: the customs declaration, authorized persons, the rules of guarantee, the French DELTA C procedure.
  • Simplified procedures: PDU (Clearance procedure with single domicile), PDD (In-house customs clearance procedure), French DELTA D (simplified procedures of in-house clearance) and special procedures (express freight, humanitarian aid etc.)

  • Transit: the different transit procedures, the NCTS, goods excluded or subject to restrictions Procedures with economic impact: customs warehousing, use, transformation.



  • EU customs code and its implementing provisions. Groups all the regulatory measures governing trade with third countries.

  • French national customs code. Includes notably specific national legislation with regard to energy product, strategic or restricted goods and litigations for example. In addition to the ‘Customs code’ module, there are the texts regulating financial relations with foreigners, decrees and bylaws made in applying the national customs code.


puce-VeilleReglementaire_thumb_medium39_38REGULATORY SURVEILLANCE

This service enables you to receive the latest evolutions in customs regulations by email every morning according to your business activity (tariff section, quota surveillance, refunds, etc.) and in addition to benefit from an editorial which summarises all the customs news. CUS / CAS. European customs inventory of chemical substances.