05/2012 EURSÉRUM (Sodiaal Group): A French export champion’s activity supported by CONEX PDF Print

Subsidiary of the SODIAAL food-processing group, EUROSERUM trades world-wide. Its customs service is supported by CONEX, who was able to offer solutions to its activity’s specific needs.



Export, a strategic activity

For almost 40 years, EUROSERUM has treated and developed whey from cheese production into powder-based ingredients for food-processing manufacturers. If EUROSERUM’s core business is to produce ingredients for infant formula products, over the years the group has also developed a large range of functional dairy ingredients for the chocolate, fresh dairy product and convenience food sectors.

EUROSERUM works with the most prestigious names in the food-processing industry and exports its products all around the world.

In a company which exports 70% of its production, responsibilities weigh heavily on the shoulders of the Customs Service, as much from a supply chain point of view as in terms of customer satisfaction. Its service of 3 declarants manages 6000 declarations per year for the 14 geographical locations: the CONEX software solution allows the customs team to work with as many customs offices and manufacturing sites as needed, simply by adjusting the parameters.

Conex adapts to our specific needs

“At the beginning of the 2000s, our company’s development meant that we needed reliable and long-lasting solutions for establishing customs declarations. We had to deal with setting up a PDU (Local Clearance Procedure) (for 14 sites currently) and for customs procedures with economic impact relating to the food industry”, remembers Véronique BOUILLET, EUROSERUM Customs Manager.

So naturally EUROSERUM turned to CONEX which was already the service provider for another company in the group.

EUROSERUM, which collects and imports its raw products essentially from areas close to its production sites, in neighbouring European countries (mainly Switzerland), benefits from a specific customs procedure, called “Inward Processing Relief”, which enables the company to claim compensation for the equivalent value of the EU raw products, as well as suspension of customs duties.

“Our customs duties are in fact calculated on the dry extract of imported whey. However, for importation the raw material arrives in a liquid form and travels in tankers. We don’t know the exact equivalent value of the imported goods in their original dry extract form. So, EUROSERUM was able to make an arrangement with Customs allowing the declarations at departure at the suppliers to be rectified 5 days after receipt of the goods and the initial customs declaration. This leaves us time to analyse precisely the composition of the goods received at EUROSERUM and their content in dry extract on which the customs duties are applied”, explains Véronique BOUILLET.

This agreement which is due to the particular activity of EUROSERUM has required specific developments within the CONEX solution, undertaken by the software editor when the arrangement was set up. “We appreciate their competence in the customs domain, their willingness to take into consideration specific company problems and we realise that in our domain we have a few five-legged sheep! Each question always found its solution either already built in, or as a specific development. System evolutions were never invoiced. The hotline is very reactive and enables remote assistance.”

In 2009, the company switched without difficulty towards DELTA, paperless customs, supported as always by the CONEX teams. The ICS has been integrated easily: departing Switzerland, the new regulation doesn’t apply. But for exports, the company, which could not envisage having containers of goods blocked by Customs whatever the reason, decided to look after the security requirements itself.

New proof of our export champion’s organisational merits which it displays with pride since the beginning of 2012, its new Authorised Economic Operator certification.