04/2013 - CONEX invited to participate in a ministerial debate on international trade-related EDI Print

 On 27th February 2013 a working group meeting was held in Montreuil, headquarters of the DGDDI (Directorate-General of French Customs and Indirect Taxes), on improving the processes associated with international trade and the position of the Community Cargos Systems (CCS) operating in most sea ports and airports. Involved were the Customs Administration, the Foreign Trade Ministry, port and airport authorities, the main CCSs, as well as the AUTF (Freight Transport Users Association) shippers, TLF (Federation of Transport and Logistics companies) forwarders, Odasce (the French International Trade Facilitation and Simplification Body), and various IT service providers… including CONEX. A report on the meeting by CONEX…


Discussions allowed the group to identify a unanimously shared need for communication between the CCSs and external operators. The talks also enabled relations between the CCSs and Customs to be clarified; clearly dissociating the mission of each party, highlighting that the role of a CCS is above all logistics-related… and not customs-related.

The outcome of this debate is the establishment of smaller working groups bringing together the various actors of the information chain, in order to:


- examine the export process (in particular, the ECS, Export Control System), the import process (entry into a customs procedure, transit and PLM (Multimodal Logistics Pole)), with a view to pinpointing possible improvements allowing for information to circulate without the need for the various actors to re-enter data through their management and communication tools.


- authorise external operators to benefit from better traceability of their transmissions, by way of intra port or airport monitoring and electronic data exchange.


In all cases, it means seriously considering the interoperability of CCSs with external systems, according to predefined rules and processes. Furthermore, certain CCSs are already more advanced than others in this approach and on the whole, all admit that the need is well-founded.


“There is no doubt that the objectives fixed by the Foreign Trade Ministry and relayed by the Customs Administration, will see the light of day in what CONEX”, pioneer in EDI exchanges, “hopes will be the near future,” explains Alban GRUSON, CONEX CEO.


CONEX has already built operational EDI gateways with the main CCSs whenever the interests of a client were demonstrated, and it should be noted that the company managing the CCS has always accepted to participate actively. These gateways, sometimes active for export, sometimes for import, provide greater productivity and a reduction in costs for forwarders and their clients.



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