In any case, do not hesitate to submit your questions/doubts to the CONEX team.

The central DG TAXUD helpdesk is only there to assist the national services in the context of unresolved tickets at the national level.

National Service Desks should offer an in-depth level of support.

At this stage, Conex, as your IT provider, has the delicate mission of seeking to deepen all the questions and find the answers from different administrations.

Each MS manages its own list of Trusted Certificate Authorities.

Yes and No

Yes, the messages must be sealed with a registered certificate,
but no, not necessary for the economic operator as a certificate will be managed by Conex who is considered as « sender », therefore making it possible to manage the messages.

Please contact us for more details.

It enables secure access to various applications.

The operators/editors must identify themselves via the UUM&DS.

Different levels of identification has been defined.

Your EDI service provider, CONEX, will take care of all these tests for you.

Some examples of questions to ask yourselves:

– Have you adapted your processes?
– Do you have the required data at the right moment?
– Are the data elements reliable and complete?
– Have you well-defined the roles of the different actors: carrier, house-level filer, notify party etc?
– How will you manage and follow up on a DNL?

Yes, the customs authorities issue a message indicating to the operator who provided the data that the assessment is complete.

– Depending on the case, the EO can provide information that the screening has been carried out and provide information on the result obtained.

– The EO can also undertake to carry out the screening if it has not already been carried out and communicate the result.

– If the goods are no longer on the EO’s premises, the latter and customs agree on the place best equipped to carry out this screening.