The new features in ICS2 as opposed to ICS1 include:

– whereas in the context of ICS1, the ENS data is filed in a single message, ICS2 opens the way to multiple filing.

– whereas the ENS is filed after the aircraft is loaded in ICS1, ICS2 imposes a reduced ENS dataset, including PLACI data, to be filed prior to the loading.

ICS1 ENS is filed as a single declaration. For ICS2 there are multiple message combinations, both pre-loading and pre-arrival datasets to choose from, depending on the EO’s operational methods.

– There is no Do Not Load (DNL) for goods transported by air in ICS1. Release 2 of ICS2 sees not only the introduction of a DNL, but also other so-called « Referral » notifications.

– Compared to ICS1, there is the requirement to provide more detailed House-level data, including a commodity code of at least 6 characters AND a detailed description of the goods.

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