Filing or lodging of ICS2 data must be via an electronic transmission only.

This can be performed through the SAFE via conex™ application.

SAFE via conex™SAFE via conex™ is the solution developed by CONEX to manage advance security declarations that must be lodged prior to the importation of goods into certain customs territories and countries. Our solution complies with the World Customs Organisation’s SAFE Framework of Standards. SAFE via conex™ respects the regulations of each country as well as the various communication protocols with the relevant customs administration servers.

With SAFE via conex™ , you benefit from an intuitive and reliable work interface, completely freed from the technical constraints associated with the transmission of security messages. In the context of the new British customs formalities brought about by the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, SAFE via conex™  provides a connection to the GVMS (Goods Vehicle Movement Service) and S&S GB (Safety & Security) system.

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