ZEN via conex
  • France
  • Operators using the FR DELTApass solution for the electronic transmission of their customs declarations.




  • Traceability and digital preservation of electronic exchanges with the French customs administration.




  • Time-stamping and electronic sealing of data from declarations sent via the secure CONEX communication platform, PASScom.



Puce-verte TRACEABILITY, INTEGRITY, DURABILITY of electronic customs declarations


  • ZEN via conex is a platform which duplicates all your customs declarations and provides them with probative force.
  • ZEN via conex offers you a legal guarantee.
  • ZEN via conex offers you complete information availability: consultation with identification controls, from anywhere, 24 / 7.
    The user can consult archives on line, print (SAD facsimile) and reproduce them in the event of legal action.


Puce-verte Take the initiative and play it safe


  • ZEN via conex offers much more than simple conservation of declarations addressed to the customs administration.
  • ZEN via conex is a trusted third party which gives your declarations the strength of a written document, integrity, opposability and
    a legal guarantee.
  • ZEN via conex has been built in total conformity with the AFNOR NF Z42-013 standard.



Puce-verte The value of written proof set in stone


  • ZEN via conex time-stamps and electronically seals declaration data, including all intermediary exchanges necessary to successfully lodge the declaration. These data elements cannot be modified. The continuing existence of the recordings is guaranteed by auto-duplication backup systems.