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Founded in 1985 by Alban Gruson, a jurist by training and a former manager of a transit company, CONEX has developed a complete range of products and services: software for the management and electronic transmission of customs declarations, computerised customs tariff, training, auditing and consulting.


Conex is the specialist in electronic data exchange between professionals and customs authorities from the 27 EU Member States and beyond. Deeply involved in the modernisation of customs processes for more than 3 decades, with a strategy of constant innovation, Conex is a driving force in the dematerialisation of Customs.



Our software solutions specialized in the management of customs formalities act as a facilitator but also as a safeguard.


In France we cover DELTA electronic customs clearance procedures, Intrastat declarations in most of the 27 countries of the European Union, ICS Import Control System, AFR (Japan), CRI (Israel) advance security declarations.


Thanks to our positioning and customs solutions on both sides of CHANNEL, benefit from a powerful mirroring of your FR/UK data and vice versa for your RO-RO customs operations.



CONEX brings over 30 years of rich business expertise to the UK market as well as its proven solutions: software for customs procedure management in accordance with national regulations, data transmission and archival storage via our transmission platforms (EDI). Having anticipated the dematerialisation and rapid evolution in technology, we have the necessary skills to support the profession.




Her Majesty’s Revenue and Excise (HMRC)’s changeover to a new completely dematerialised electronic declaration system sees the United Kingdom abandoning its CHIEF system to evolve towards the CDS system (Customs Declaration Service). The CONEX teams, fully seasoned in this type of evolution having previously experienced such changes during the passage towards electronic customs clearance in other countries, have therefore developed the CUSTOMS via conex™ UK solution, fully compliant with the new CDS system.


Benefit from CONEX’s expertise. Regulatory changes required to ensure that the CDS (Customs Declaration Service) electronic customs data processing system correlates with the Union Customs Code (UCC) have already been addressed in previous European versions of CUSTOMS via conex™.



Conex supports companies so as to facilitate the transition between the two systems: CHIEF and CDS (Customs Declaration Service).


Conex has adapted its customs declaration solutions to the new regulations and procedures in force in the United Kingdom.


Conex proposes its CUSTOMS via conex™ UK version to customs operators in the United Kingdom for the management and electronic transmission of their customs declarations. We also support our European customers who wish to make UK customs declarations from the other side of the Channel.




Like the United Kingdom and France, CONEX is an actor on the Belgian customs scene too. We provide many companies with our business expertise, software and associated services. Our CUSTOMS via conex ™ software solution allows importing and exporting companies and customs brokers from all sectors of activity, to manage their PLDA customs and excise procedures.

Regulatory compliance

Very strongly involved in in-depth regulatory analysis, CONEX offers specialised solutions in the management of special procedures: bonded warehouse, inward/outward processing.

EDI exchanges with PLDA

CUSTOMS via conex ™ offers the advantage of viewing automatically, in real time and directly in the tool, the customs responses and the statuses assigned to declarations.

Mirrored optimisation

Thanks to our positioning and customs solutions on both sides of CHANNEL, benefit from a powerful mirroring of your BE/UK data and vice versa for your RO-RO customs operations.

At the heart of news that concerns you

CONEX is a member of the BE National Forum, a platform for consultation on legislation and administrative guidelines that have an impact on private sector business processes.