Confronted with international trade regulations, companies need business tools that provide traceability, secure record-keeping as well as communication with administrations.

Conex designs and publishes a range of products and services: customs declaration processing and electronic transmission software, tariffs, regulatory databases, training, auditing and consulting.


Through our critical and in-depth analysis of EU and national regulatory texts, we understand complex customs-related rules, how their details may impact your business and how they should be applied.  Our team’s constant surveillance of customs laws guarantees that our duty management software is always up-to-date with the ever-changing rules, meaning that you remain compliant.


CONEX is a pioneer in the dematerialisation of customs procedures. Whether it concerns business software, databases or transmission and archive platforms, CONEX IT experts provide coherent, state-of-the-art solutions.


Whatever your sector of activity, whatever your industry (textile, food and beverages, automobile, energy products…) you name it, we’ve dealt with it! Importers, exporters, forwarders and carriers have all placed their confidence in CONEX expertise to assist them manage their trade needs. Our team is experienced in adapting to the specific profiles of each company, from end to end.


CONEX does not use a simple “copy-paste” approach, but instead heads out to explore new ways and comes back with innovative solutions. It needs to tackle the mysteries of a new regulation or a Code, decipher the intentions behind each letter, question the administration, analyse companies and their practices, consider international trends.


The requirement to align supply chain and customs data using global data standards is fundamentally changing the way information is exchanged. CONEX prides itself with being a leader in secure B2B and B2G communication.


Our actions with regards to the European Commission and DG TAXUD consist of seizing opportunities and positioning CONEX up-stream of European regulatory developments. We analyse the UCC closely and continually monitor its implementation and evolution.



By participating at WCO events, with particular interest in international standards and the WCO Data Model, we defend the interests of our clients, the private sector in general and monitor future evolutions.




UN/CEFACT is the international trade facilitation and dematerialisation organisation of the United Nations.
CONEX wishes to bring its expertise to the implementation of the standards of tomorrow and participates in UN/CEFACT projects such as the Data Pipeline and the Single Submission Portal (SSP).



Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of customs and tax regulations and for the collection of customs duties and taxes in the UK. CONEX has a close relationship with HMRC regulatory and IT software development teams, particularly on issues such as CDS implementation. In this way, CONEX favours the convergence towards truly international solutions.

SELIS and CORE are EU-funded research and development projects on which CONEX has actively participated, investigating new and innovative solutions for a collaborative Supply Chain of the future. Working alongside ICT providers, research institutions and supply chain stakeholders from around Europe, CONEX has acquired and utilised leading-edge expertise in the use of international data standards and data pipelines for the facilitation of cross-border movements for legitimate traders.



Stay ahead of the pack!

CONEX delivers global solutions which make your organisation more agile. Beyond the technical response, we bring intelligence to your customs and regulatory IT environment.


Solution that fits all business sectors

Used by all, from the SME to the multinational

Adapted and/or adaptable to your IT environment





Improving your information flows all along the supply chain

Data input optimisation

Process automation

Time savings





Efficient customs surveillance

Privileged dialogue with customs administrations in Europe and around the world

Scalable and sustainable solutions

A personalised approach

CONEX enjoys listening and exchanging with our customers and with administrations. The success of your project lies in this direct dialogue with people whose role it is to process data. This dialogue is all the more fruitful as it is an integral part in the perspective of creating joint value-added projects over the long-term.


Try our complete and tailor-made accompaniment that starts with the analysis of your flows and understanding of your needs and extends to actively supporting you in your relations with the administrations.

Our experience allows us to get straight to the point and to result in truly adapted and operational solutions.




You can count on our expertise! For more than 30 years we’ve been at your side with innovative solutions to enable you to remain competitive in the context of a dematerialised customs clearance procedure evolution.

Current events and customs regulations, intense and complex, have led us to anticipate developments and to accompany you on a daily basis.




CONEX cares about the on-going training of operators.

By combining our technological and customs know-how with the historical skills of ED Editions, a specialist in customs training, we offer complete regulatory accompaniment. Born from a collaboration that has united us since 2003, the synergy and complementarity of skills are available for the benefit of your customs performance.