• The commercial and administrative services of exporting companies.


  • The management of documents relating to commercial export proposals, invoices, consignment documents, and other documents (certificates, specific declarations etc.)


  • Software made up of a collection of United Nations standard documents for international trade.




The commercial and administrative services of exporting companies.


TRADmaster makes it possible to draw up proposals for customer or prospects with the currency, Incoterm, payment conditions, mode of transport and sales unit of your choice.

There is one or a number of pricing schemes memorized for each client. These prices can be varied as often as you require.


Puce-rouge Order


Draw up as many orders as you wish. They are established upon receipt of the order from your clients and can be done automatically by calling on one or several previous proposals or by recovering external data by way of an interface. Various files are at your disposal to optimize your work.

The order will then be used for the elaboration of the consignment(s) which will balance the operation. The balance is monitored at each invoice.




The Consignment module of TRADmaster includes both invoicing issues as well as the production of all the necessary shipping documents.

All printed documents are in conformity with the “Layout key for trade documents” endorsed by the international standards organization under the reference ISO 6422.

TRADmaster is a tool for documentary credit management. The system can also handle multiple language presentations -  generate automatically your document in the language of your customers.





In addition to administrative and commercial documents which are drawn up from the Tender, Offer and Consignment modules, TRADmaster allows you to create your own document models and to elaborate these documents from the daily files.