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As a specialist in the exchange of international customs and security data, Alban GRUSON, CONEX CEO, was invited to participate in a round table discussion organized at the Demat’2011 on 5th October, beside Vincent JAMIN, Dematerialization Division Director at DOCAPOST DPS, Nathalie SCHLANG, Marketing and Development Director at CERTEUROPE, Eric FRELAT, RICOH FRANCE’s Online Document and Postal Services Manager, and Bruno DILLET, Research and Development Director at CDC ARKHINEO. The round table debate was chaired by journalist Sibylle LHOPITEAU.


Digital preservation is not synonymous with backup or DMS (Document Management System). In the context of digital preservation with probative value, it means being able to locate a document at any moment, therefore having it indexed and, even more importantly, saved without alteration, and hence having the power to oppose a third party, opponent, client or administration. The challenge: the document must be enforceable before the courts if the disagreement leads to this.


CONEX, like the other actors around the table, has been implementing the necessary conditions to achieve legal recognition of the ‘electronic document’ as laid out in the French AFNOR NF Z42-013 standard.


Probative digital preservation, a backup for your interests


Describing himself as an editor and supplier of an EDI communication platform, Alban GRUSON from CONEX provides much more than a generalist’s testimony on matters of document dematerialization. His view is that of an expert with significant experience in the digital preservation of customs data exchanged electronically. There are two facets to his view:

  • That of a qualified jurist, well-placed to know under what conditions an electronic document can be considered to have probative value before the court, completely in line with the 13th March 2000 law which brought about the birth of the ‘electronic document’.
  • And that of a customs professional who for more than 25 years has been ahead of and accompanied the Big Bang in paperless customs. In this way, questions about the rights of the users, in particular concerning proof in this new digital landscape, have been inside his field of competence for decades!

Probative value at the source gives the force to the archived document…


…Because the final document, the customs declaration, is not the only guarantee in terms of respecting digital preservation conditions.

CONEX preserves messages and events, flows: not just a stock of documents. Its undeniable force: to be as close as possible to native data, strengthening its position as trusted third party in defense of the probative value of information.


Founded 25 years ago, CONEX has made its digital preservation solutions probative, a decisive argument which draws more and more international trade actors, shippers or forwarding agents to rely on its solutions and to delegate the responsibility for the preservation of their customs declaration flows.


This is because for shippers, probative digital preservation ensures legal certainty. If they entrust their trade flows to forwarding agents, this pledge must be given to them: in the same way, forwarding agents use CONEX as a decisive commercial argument.


The traceability, integrity, opposability and durability of electronic declarations in a dematerialized customs environment where paper has no place, is at the heart of CONEX solutions and of their professional expertise. CONEX, undoubtedly an exceptional actor in a world on the move…