09/2011 CONEX demonstrates its diversification at the DEMAT’expo trade fair Print

For the first time, CONEX, the specialist known for the dematerialization of customs data exchanges in Europe, will be present at the general trade fair: Solutions DEMAT’expo.

A unique expertise in the dematerialization of data interchange between traders

With 25 years’ experience in dematerialized exchanges between the private sector and administrations and more than 1800 clients, CONEX’s knowhow, both technical and legal, will be available for other purposes than customs declarations.


“In 25 years, CONEX has become a veritable facilitator of EDI exchanges between private players”, explains Alban GRUSON, CEO of CONEX. “CONEX is positioning itself as an international dematerialized data exchange specialist with a catalogue of packaged solutions designed for companies.”


On the stand, the CONEX products associated with the customs declaration sector will be presented :

  • DELTApass via conex, dematerialization of customs procedures.
  • ICS via conex, security data exchange for all goods imported into the EU customs territory.
  • EMCS via conex, data exchange between economic operators and EU customs administrations for the movement of goods subject to excise duties.
  • ZEN via conex, digital preservation and traceability solution for EDI exchanges carried out in the context of all these solutions.

These solutions demonstrate the competence of CONEX in the field of dematerialized exchanges. A competence which covers all technical and legal aspects of dematerialized relations between economic operators. Therefore, CONEX can truly be considered an EDI expert providing knowledgeable answers to all service requests: digital preservation, data flow security, data life-cycle management, trusted third party, digital signatures and certificates, EDI, EDI web, XML, workflow and process management and so on.


“CONEX endeavors to provide its clients with totally reliable data processing solutions and recommendations which leave no room for error as regards regulation application or exchange security”, explains Alban GRUSON.