07/2011 CONEX completes its technological partnership with Marseille Gyptis International, CCS AP+ administrator in the port of Marseille-Fos Print


The collaboration between CONEX and MGI deals with import customs procedures. The objective is to automate operations for CONEX customers, in order to optimize customs declarations.

A strategic partner


This summer, CONEX and MGI began development on connectors to enable communication between the CONEX customs declaration tools used by shippers and forwarding agents and the AP+ information system at the Port of Marseille.

“This represents an enormous collaborative effort between our two development teams,” underlines Alban GRUSON, CONEX CEO. “The CCS (Cargo Community Systems) must remain open and communicate with all those who deal with customs issues on behalf of economic actors; the free flow of trade depends on it. This shared philosophy made it possible for CONEX and MGI to envisage this strategic and constructive collaboration.”


Immediate time-saving for CONEX customers


The work of operators, forwarders among others, will be simplified by the implementation of this IT gateway which will be totally transparent for the user. Today, when goods arrive in the port, they must be unloaded and only then can the port authorities grant the “VU A QUAI” (SEEN ON QUAY) status. The customs declaration cannot be sent to the administration before obtaining this status.


Thanks to this partnership, the information between the CONEX customs solution and MGI’s AP+ will be connected; the “VU A QUAI” port status will be transmitted immediately, and as a result enabling the customs declaration to be sent automatically.