09/2012 - Conex, an integral part of Toyota Industrial Equipment’s supply chain PDF Print

Since 1996 in France, Toyota Industrial Equipment has manufactured Toyota’s forklifts which are then sold throughout Europe. An industrial production based on a quality supply chain of the parts. Optimized flow of customs operations being essential to this process, CONEX was adopted as the company’s custom solution.


Completely integrated with the ERP


Leader in Europe within Toyota Industries Corporation, the factories of Ancenis (Loire valley) maintain a permanent flow by sea and by air with the Head Office in Japan supplying the forklift production line with spare parts as well as supplying the Spare Parts Store. The exchanges with Japan form a central part of the logistics supply chain. CONEX has therefore been linked to the company’s IT systems for ten years now.

“The parts received correspond to thousands of references. The establishment of In-House procedures could only be done with a customs software package capable of processing a multitude of data through an interface with our ERP,” explains Bruno JOUBERT, Transport and Customs Manager of Toyota.


From its production activity, less than 10% of the forklifts are exported outside of the European Community; so Toyota uses the customs procedures Inward Processing with Drawback, which allows it to request reimbursement of customs duties paid upon importation of parts that were used to produce forklifts sold outside of the EU. The choice of this customs procedure among all those proposed by customs, allows Toyota to thus optimize its costs on imports.


From this technical precision, it is possible to observe that, in a customs law rich with options, CONEX knows how to manage all procedures: “Conex has a standard solution and additional modules that can be added depending on the chosen procedure.”


Obligation and innovation

Each year, the Transport and Customs Service of Toyota Ancenis accomplish around 1000 import declarations and 250 export declarations with Conex’s software package DeltaPass.


“We migrated very quickly to DELTA in 2007, most probably among the first in France, several months before the deadline,” confides Bruno JOUBERT. “This allowed us to start off calmly, taking advantage before the rush of the availability of customs officers and the viability of the Conex solution.”