04/2013 - Data exchange dematerialisation, international trade and French competitivity: a CONEX-initiated round-table. Print

During its presence at the 2013 SITL (International Transport and Logistics Week) in Paris, CONEX organised a round-table discussion on the issue of transport document dematerialisation and the exchange of computerised data in the world of international trade. One hour of debate demonstrated that all actors, both public and private, agree on the need to move ahead quickly and to work together.

Pascal REGARD, Customs policy chief for the Directorate-General of French Customs and Indirect Taxes, François Mahé des Portes, MGI Chairman of the Board (Marseille Gyptis International), Jean-François Bouilhaguet, Chairman of CCS France and CIN France, Bernard Daguzan, AUTF Customs Commission chairman and Director of World Flows at Schneider Electric Industries, Olivier Layec, Crystal Group – Secretary General, Jacques Ritt, President and Chief Executive Officer, SOGET, and Alban Gruson, Chief Executive Officer, Conex… 7 actors in dematerialisation in front of a 150-strong public: Such a mobilisation as much in terms of the debate panel as the public, demonstrates how relevant this issue really is and the will of the international trade stakeholders, whether they be public or private, users or communication tool providers, to dialogue in order to improve the dematerialised data exchange process.


In the line of fire, the competitivity of economic operators in our ports and airports, such as shippers, and more generally the French economy, is at stake. This new dematerialisation project was, in fact launched by the French Foreign Trade Ministry.



The entire conference, orchestrated by Jean-Louis COURLEUX, can be consulted on video here.

In a nutshell

The speakers were given the opportunity to run through in public their vision and expectations of document dematerialisation and the exchange of computerised data.


The role of CCSs appears to be in the spot light for this major project: their communication networks installed in port and airport areas are designed to optimise, bring together, automate and secure business processes of the logistics community’s private and public actors; a service CCSs have been providing for sometimes up to a decade. The information workflows they have put in place are now being called upon to open up to interfacing with other actors’ computer systems.

The customs authorities, forwarders and CCS platforms have already engaged in discussions and concrete actions to exchange information in real time via their various IT tools.


CONEX who in 2007, fell into step with dematerialisation in order to anticipate European administrative customs obligations (DELTA), moves into the front line in these new debates…


“CONEX is a transmission and customs procedure traceability platform, which exchanges electronically a large number of messages on a daily basis. The experience that we have gained makes CONEX certain that greater data circulation fluidity can only benefit the competitiveness of our operators,” stated Alban GRUSON, CEO of CONEX, in his introductory words.  

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