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When Thierry COUDROY arrived at RipCurl to manager the Customs service, one of his first decisions was to equip the customs declarants with the CONEX IT solution. From the end of textile quotas to obtaining the Authorised Economic Operator status in 2012, it’s a decade of customs history that CONEX has shared with RipCurl…



The Australian brand dedicated to slide sports has its European head office in Hossegor in the Landes region: it’s here, in this surfing paradise, that the Customs service treats all import and export flows for the entire European continent and Mediterranean Rim. And it’s with CONEX that the establishment and transmission of all RipCurl Europe import/export customs declarations are managed.


And all this non-stop since 2002, when the world trade in textiles and clothing was still subject to import quotas when the RipCurl Customs service had to monitor Asian quotas.


We distribute and ship our products all over the European Union, and in non-EC countries such as Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine or the Maghreb,” explains Thierry COUDROY, Customs manager at RipCurl. “Our arrivals mainly come from Asia.”

In addition, as a large quantity of products arriving in France via the port of Le Havre are placed only very briefly into RipCurl Europe warehouses before being re-dispatched to storage beyond the borders, RipCurl has obtained from the French administration a customs duty exemption on all goods. This represents an advantageous fiscal procedure but one which demands absolute data precision and professional rigour…





DELTApass via conex, partners for change

CONEX has enabled the RipCurl Customs service to navigate all the changes of course, whether they were triggered (growth in activity, commercial organisation and so on) or endured due to changes in the regulatory environment (after the end of quotas in 2005, it was DELTA – the dematerialisation of customs declarations – and then the AEO which made RipCurl’s relations with Customs evolve considerably).


“The customs surveillance organised by CONEX through its  Encyclopédie Douanière (Customs Encyclopaedia), that we receive every morning in the form of alerts, duly sorted, analysed and commented, is very precious,” states Thierry COUDROY. “It’s a far cry from reading the Official Journal, our previous method. We are assured of understanding the modifications to the Law, its impact on our activity, and are therefore able to apply it correctly.”

RipCurl benefits from an in-house customs clearance procedure, the goods are dispatched by a transit document from the Port of Le Havre and customs clearance is performed in its warehouse in Saint-Geours de Maremne, falling under the authority of the Bayonne Customs office.


The last stage to date, June 2012, is when RipCurl received its Authorised Economic Operator - AEO – approval, at the end of a procedure launched several months earlier. This approval was granted quickly as the warehouse, completely renovated in 2009, complied with the latest requirements in terms of security control standards. Since then, controls by the Customs office have already become less frequent. RipCurl is committed to ensuring auto-control procedures as the AEO status allows.


“CONEX provides RipCurl with comprehensive trade solutions. DELTApass via conex enables the treatment of customs procedures as well as the electronic transmission of data in the framework of exchanges with the customs administration. The CONEX Warehouse management module offers optimal management of the customs warehouse so that customs regulations can be implemented as efficiently as possible,” concludes Alban GRUSON, CEO of CONEX.




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