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REX Registered Exporter. The objective of the Registered Exporters system (REX) is to make available up-to-date and complete information on registered exporters established in third countries concerned with the export of goods to the EU enjoying preferential tariff rates based upon compliance with the applicable rules of origin.

RI Registered Importer

RIF electronic Risk Information Form system - RMF phase 1

Risk The likelihood of an event occurring, in connection with the entry, exit, transit, transfer and end-use of goods moved between the customs territory of the Community and third countries and the presence of goods that do not have Community status, which
- prevents the correct application of Community or national measures, or
- compromises the financial interests of the Community and its Member States, or
- poses a threat to the Community's security and safety, to public health, to the environment or to consumers. More

Risk management The systematic identification of risk and implementation of all measures necessary for limiting exposure to risk. This includes activities such as collecting data and information, analysing and assessing risk, prescribing and taking action and regular monitoring and review of the process and its outcomes, based on international, Community and national sources and strategies. More


Risk Management Framework - rapid, direct and secure exchange of risk information to support targeting of consignments for customs controls and for the Commission to be able to disseminate information concerning Community-wide threats. More


rail-mounted gantry crane, for stacking containers and loading or unloading lorries

ROI return on investment

Ro-ro roll-on/roll-off. Wheeled cargo (e.g. cars, construction vehicles etc.) that can drive on and off the ship under its own power. As such it is a horizontal cargo handling method, as distinct from lo/lo (lift-on/lift-off) or vertical cargo handling.