02/2013 - GUN (Guichet Unique National) : Conex’s 5 recommendations

On 24th January, Nicole BRICQ, Minister for Foreign Trade, launched initial work towards the implementation a national single window for foreign trade procedures for export companies....


Among the thirty companies and professional federations present, CONEX, leading French supplier of IT solutions for the exchange of dematerialised data for customs operations and foreign trade, announced its customs simplification recommendations.

Recommendation No. 1: Define the documentary dematerialisation framework

Because the term “dematerialisation” is not understood by all parties in the same way, CONEX put forward the following definition: “By dematerialisation, we mean the possibility of supplying a collection of constituent data elements of a message or a document in EDI – Electronic Data Interchange – mode” (as opposed to scanned documents or web portal-entered data). In this context, CONEX encourages the administration to specify prerequisites for each message or document. In this way, all the formalities associated with international trade could be treated by means of a single data segment.


Recommendation No. 2: Automate data transmission

The emergence of web sites, the first step towards ‘zero paper’, has not brought about a reduction in data re-input and therefore the potential for human error remains. This is why CONEX recommends satisfying the requests of companies to be able to carry out their formalities via EDI data transmission, while promoting administrative simplification, leading to significant cost and time savings.


Recommendation No. 3: Put an end to over-controlling

The simplification must contribute to supply chain fluidity and lead to the reduction in exportation costs. Yet new controls have appeared and detract from potential performances. For CONEX, today Information Technology is able to secure data. Therefore, CONEX strongly recommends that administrations refrain from adding unnecessary controls to their dematerialisation facilitation transition process.


Recommendation No. 4: Pool data and information tools


The national growth, competitiveness and employment Pact was established in November 2012. The intention of Decision No. 27 is to entrust data leadership to the administration at the starting point of the process. To warn of the risks associated with this decision, notably the multitude of liaisons which will need to be created towards that administration and between other administrations – a source of further slowdowns and potential errors, CONEX suggests that each administration concerned by the data communicate the format and the entry schema of the data it wishes to receive, so that the private operator can communicate to it directly, at the same time as its data transmission to the initial administration. This simplification would require the adoption of a common format and schema or at least one based on the same technical norms. CONEX suggests reaching agreement at a European level on data and message norms, or even using international standards.


Recommendation No. 5: Service level guarantee


In the framework of a single window, the role of the administrations will no longer be limited to mere data receipt. They will need to communicate right along the information chain until the final authorisation is granted to each operator so that the operator is aware of the progress of his/her request at all times and can identify the administration to whom he/she must turn if the request is delayed. CONEX is in favour of establishing an SLA (Service Level Agreement) which will guarantee the level of service supplied and define the actions to be taken in the event of a failure.




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