ICS - Import Control System


  • All operators concerned by the mandatory security declaration for goods entering the European Union.



  • Electronic exchanges with the EU customs administrations: security declaration, Movement Reference Number (MRN), Do Not Load, Amendment and Diversion requests, Arrival Notification.


  • Electronic exchanges via the secure CONEX communication platform
  • Data entry via a WEB APPLICATION,
  • Full EDI data recovery



New from 15.09.2015

With a view to reinforcing import controls through the Import Control System, the French Customs Administration has implemented a new obligatory declaration, the Advance DSDT: advance Summary Declaration for Temporary Storage (or Déclaration Sommaire de Dépôt Temporaire anticipée in French).


This declaration concerns goods to be unloaded in the national customs territory when France is not the first point of entry into the European Union.


From the 15th September 2015, the carrier or its representative must transmit this declaration electronically and in advance to the French Customs Administration servers.

The advance DSDT message contains all the data required in the ENS as well as four additional data elements: the temporary storage authorization No., the location of the goods, the customs status and the code of the customs office of unloading.

The declaration then undergoes a national risk analysis.






Import control system is the electronic security declaration management system for the importation of goods into the European Union customs territory.

This new security and anti-terrorism regulation allows the 28 EU customs administrations to perform risk analyses on goods entering the EU customs territory. These controls are performed on data provided in the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) which is transmitted electronically. The ENS declaration must be transmitted to the customs administration of the country of first entry into the EU, within time limits which vary depending on the mode of transport (air, sea, road).



  • The ICS via conex platform communicates with most of the European Union Member States.

  • ICS via conex makes it possible to draw up and transmit the various messages associated with the Import Control System, as well as to receive the return messages from the EU customs administrations.

  • ICS via conex unburdens the operator of all the regulatory, technical and linguistic constraints of dealing with each EU Member States.

  • ICS via conex, whether in EDI or WEB APPLICATION mode, is a single solution for all countries covered and for all types of volumes.


  • ENS (ENtry Summary) security declaration or EU advance security declaration

  • MRN : Movement Reference Number
  • Do Not Load
  • Amendment and Diversion Requests

  • Arrival Notification

  • EXS (EXit Summary)

Puce-bleu SAFE via conex - ICS, a solution for everyone !

We offer different technical choices which adapt perfectly to your IT organisation, the ICS declaration volumes that you perform and according to your IT operation chain.




This solution is technically the fastest to put into place. It requires no initial investment in terms of software and material and only requires an Internet link.

How does it work?

solution1You connect to our Web Application  SAFE via conex from your work station and simply use your internet connection.


After entering your login and password, the main data-capture screen opens where you manually capture all of the information needed for an ENS declaration.


If you don’t dispose of all of the necessary data for an ENS, you can give access rights to one or another Supply Chain actor who can then add the missing information.




A full array of flexible functions are at your disposal:


- Create

- Duplicate

- Edit

- Delete a fileThe data capture can be completed in one or several stages.


Numerous data-tables assist you with applicable regulatory codification.

All of your searches will be facilitated in SAFE via conex - ICS by numerous filters proposed on a large number of data.


The FULL EDI solution within SAFE via conex allows for the communication of xml-format files, containing all required data to our platform for ENS transmission (no manual capture is possible).

We then transform these files into the appropriate standards required by the country of first entry into the EU and transfer these to that country’s security system.

It is important to underline that each EU country has adopted its own message structure. This means that the basic ENS message is different from one EU country to another even though the data which they contain is identical for all countries.


MIX EDI & WEB APP ICS via conex

This solution is ideal in order to alleviate your data capture task by retrieving data which exists already on your system. The MIX EDI & WEB APP solution allows you to supply initial data to the ENS responsible party’s database.

This EDI connection transits through the ICS via conexplatform using either a WEB SERVICE option or FTP option. Then, the declarant can supplement the declaration by capturing the missing data directly in the WEB APPLICATION. The message can then be validated and sent to the appropriate customs agency.


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