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ed-editions-formationsWith the objective of providing a complete panorama of customs documentation and information, ED Editions (100% subsidiary of Conex) offers a new approach to information thanks to the innovative services it continues to propose.

Customs regulation surveillance, customs training given by customs professionals, on-line customs tariff, official texts, World Customs Organisation publications etc… A comprehensive list, an inexhaustible offer!

In a welcoming and functional environment, our subsidiary ENCYCLOPEDIE DOUANIERE offers a range of customs or international trade training perfectly adapted to the professional universe in which you must evolve.


All our training sessions are prepared by external collaborators whose professional track records demonstrate their command of the subjects treated.







All our training sessions take place at our Paris premises: 19 rue d’Orléons in Neuilly-Sur-Seine. Enjoy a welcoming environment, functional and easy to access.



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