Colloque de l’Odasce DOUANE HORIZON 2030 CONEX

The customs of tomorrow

TO EACH HIS ASTONISHMENTS The recent Odasce Colloquium celebrated the association’s fiftieth anniversary. All the ingredients were there: The setting: Biarritz (with a view over the raging sea) Participants: around 450 Topics covered: Customs outlook for 2030 And in everyone’s opinion, it was a succes Not to forget Denis Redon’s grand finale with his customary “surprise report” which alone constituted a highlight of the conference that all the participants would not miss for the world. […]
DOUANE : La puissance de l’IA dans la digitalisation des documents

Digitization of documents with OCR via conex™

CUSTOMS: The power of artificial intelligence in document digitalisation CONEX is launching its new OCR via conex™ module which, thanks to artificial intelligence, identifies in documents the data elements which will be useful for customs declarations, digitalises and analyses them before formatting them for direct integration into its customs clearance solutions, precisely where declarants need them. By developing this new application in its customs software suite, CONEX saves operators from the time-consuming and tedious work […]
DELTA IE – H1 B1 DECLARATION, the new dress code for your customs data

DELTA IE – H1 – B1

DELTA IE – H1 B1 DECLARATION, the new dress code for your customs data Since its implementation in 2016, the Union Customs Code (UCC) has had many changes in store for us with regards to the overhaul of customs IT systems. For almost 40 years CONEX has been working to facilitate European customs processes and to harmonise customs data formats… DELTA IE (I for Import and E for Export) will gradually replace DELTA G and […]


WE’RE EXHIBITING! CONEX systems Ltd is pleased to present its customs and security software solutions at MULTIMODAL 2022. CUSTOMS via conex™ :  A solution for all customs management needs: Common & Simplified Import, Export &Transit – Special Procedures SAFE via conex™ :  Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS), Import Control System (EU ICS), Safety & Security GB (S&S GB) TARIFF via conex™:  National & European customs tariff classification and Harmonised System Notes. REGISTER FREE!
CP-Conex-Bollore-ZEN via conex™

Bolloré Transports & Logistics and ZEN via conex™

Bolloré Transport & Logistics adopts Conex’s ZEN solution and transforms its working relationship with its customers At Bolloré Transport & Logistics, 275 metropolitan declarants are employed to process customs and security declarations. Little by little, the increase in administrative processing brought about by Brexit has prompted customer collaboration work to be further digitalised: the exchange of information is now organised around a documentary platform which receives and stores all the information exchanged, makes it possible […]
Les Transports Mesguen ont retenu les solutions de Conex pour créer une activité Douane post-Brexit


  Transports Mesguen chose Conex solutions to create a post-Brexit Customs activity Since Brexit became a reality, Transports Mesguen, an SME located at the northern tip of Finistère, has been using Conex solutions for clearing goods en route or arriving from the United Kingdom. A highly strategic step in the Supply Chain, especially for food, live and ultra-fresh products. A strategic challenge To adapt to Brexit, the SME of 50 million euros at the head […]
gvms demo


  NEW WEBINAR How to put GVMS, the new British cross-border formality, into practice. CONEX invites you to discover the SAFE via conex™solution, the application which monitors your regulatory compliance and communicates with the UK GVMS system. Together, we will explore: – How to generate your GMRs quickly and in full compliance. – The data required – How to obtain the “Goods Movement Reference”, and in what form? – The real time monitoring of the status […]


WEBINAR NEW BRITISH CUSTOMS REGULATIONS UK import/export customs regulations The new rules that need to be known to ensure you maintain control of  the fluidity of your goods movements UK / EU / UK CONEX, publisher of software solutions for customs procedure management, is organising a webinar on British customs formalities. During this event, we will detail the impact of the GVMS (Goods Vehicle Movement Service) on your import/export, transit and security declarations and share with […]

Eurotunnel partnership – Conex video

CUSTOMS & SECURITY DECLARATIONS EUROPEAN UNION / UNITED KINGDOM / EUROPEAN UNION CONTACT US In partnership with EUROTUNNEL, CONEX, a major player in customs dematerialisation, offers carriers all the software solutions they need for their post-Brexit customs formality management. A range of specialised customs software connected to customs systems on both sides of the Channel. ICS/ENS Import Control System The European Union advance security declaration – Imports into EU from the United Kingdom (since January […]
uk douane customs gbs&s

Cross-border customs & security formalities GVMS S&S GB

Despite having already brought about modifications to the rules of international trade with the United Kingdom, Brexit has not finished profoundly transforming how goods are traded. After ICS (Import Control System), required since January 1st, 2021, for all goods moving from the United Kingdom to the EU, now it is the turn of the British GVMS (Goods Vehicle Movement Service) to enter the scene, followed during 2023 by the S&S GB (UK safety and security […]
SITL 2021


  Always be one step ahead! CONEX is a major player in the dematerialisation of customs and security information shared between import/export operators and customs authorities. We offer businesses a full range of software and data processing solutions that make their organisations more agile. We cover all their interconnection needs with their customers, suppliers, partners and multiple customs authorities. Faced with the complex regulations of international trade, companies need tools that ensure processing automation, data […]

Security declaration postponed to 1 January 2022 GB S&S

GB S&S – Security declaration postponed to 1 January 2022 In a statement released yesterday, the UK Government announced that it has decided to postpone up-coming deadlines for the introduction of a number of procedures and requirements linked to a post-BREXIT customs and cross-border environment. These were due to follow on from post-BREXIT procedures that have been in place since 1st January 2021. “Last June, we announced a timetable for the phased introduction of controls […]