CUSTOMS: The power of artificial intelligence in document digitalisation


The power of artificial intelligence in document digitalisation

CONEX is launching its new OCR via conex™ module which, thanks to artificial intelligence, identifies in documents the data elements which will be useful for customs declarations, digitalises and analyses them before formatting them for direct integration into its customs clearance solutions, precisely where declarants need them.

By developing this new application in its customs software suite, CONEX saves operators from the time-consuming and tedious work of manual data entry. The relevant data elements are automatically extracted on the fly from international trade-related workflow documents, thus accelerating and securing all customs processing.

Supporting customs services in their technical development

The application is self-learning. Combined with the competence of the customs operator, it is enriched to deploy its full capacity after only a few documents processed by the declarants.

It has the ability to adapt to all types of documents, invoices, packing lists, etc. and speeds up and secures all data entry into customs declarant tools without the risk of error. By reducing the task of data entry upstream, the CONEX platform enables declarants to become more productive and to improve the safety and comfort of their work.

A number of customers have already adopted the module. They have found real opportunities for considerable gains in productivity when ramping up their customs processing.

“The return on investment, the ease of deployment and the security of customs processes are all decisive arguments for organisations. This new module takes its place within a whole series of changes to our customs declaration processing offering, thanks to Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence”, concludes Bertrand GRUSON, Managing Director at CONEX.


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