Conex signe un accord de partenariat avec
E&P International Inc.,
guichet unique du commerce international en Chine
(Shanghai), pour les déclarations sécuritaires Conex signe un accord de partenariat avec
E&P International Inc.,
guichet unique du commerce international en Chine
(Shanghai), pour les déclarations sécuritaires Conex signe un accord de partenariat avec
E&P International Inc.,
guichet unique du commerce international en Chine
(Shanghai), pour les déclarations sécuritaires

Conex signs a partnership agreement with E&P International Inc., China (Shanghai) International Trade Single Window, in the framework of security declarations.

Officialised on the occasion of the PAA (Pan Asian E-commerce Alliance) conference in Paris, this partnership agreement with E&P' makes the Conex pre-customs clearance formality platform the trusted solution for E&P's international carrier and forwarding customers in the context of ICS2.

ICS2, a pre-customs clearance declaration formality, will, by 2025, be extended to include all modes of transport for all goods arriving on European Union soil. It must be made in electronic form, before the departure of the goods and concerns all economic operators who trade with the EU.

The SAFE via conex™ electronic transmission platform meets this security formality and communicates in full regulatory and technological compliance with the central European ICS2 system.

With Conex solutions and EDI exchanges between the two partners, economic operators connected to the E&P’ platform benefit from reliability, security and compliance for the exchange of their messages with the European ICS2 system.

“This partnership, the result of cooperation and collaboration with international players, allows the facilitation of data exchanges with China for all goods destined for the European Union. Sharing our common expertise in terms of customs regulations and technological innovation offers operators facilitating tools,” explains Bertrand Gruson, CEO of CONEX.

“This strategic partnership, leveraging the ICS2 system to align with the new EU safety and security regulations for our clients in China, opens up new possibilities for cross-border data flows and significantly enhances trade facilitation between the EU and China says Lyu Feng, CEO of E&P.

About E&P

E&P International Inc., established in 2001 by the Shanghai municipal government, is a mixed-capital government enterprise specialising in the construction and operation of Shanghai E-port, promoting digital transformation in the field of international shipping and trade. Since its establishment, the company has devoted itself to the integration of information resources and innovation for Shanghai e-port, while striving to construct the “Shanghai International Shipping Center” and “Shanghai International Trade Center”.

About ICS2

The European Union makes the security of its citizens and the single market a top priority. Every year, trillions of euros worth of goods are imported into the EU. Today the 27 members of the EU represent around 15% of global trade in goods. This new system for the declaration of advance information on goods entering the EU supports the implementation of the European Union Customs Code and the customs risk management program aimed at better protecting the single market and citizens of the EU.


Partner of economic operators in all sectors of activity, CONEX develops and markets a range of collaborative tools for the management of customs and security declarations. Its clients, importing/exporting companies, transporters, RDEs (Registered Customs Representatives), use its solutions and services to optimise and secure the entry, processing and electronic exchange of declarations for all their international exchanges of goods. CONEX has been participating in developments in international trade and the supply chain for nearly 40 years, supporting companies in their customs development, and collaborating with European and international customs administrations. CONEX, whose historic headquarters is located near Lille (Orchies), has offices in Paris, and subsidiaries in Belgium, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Created in 1985, CONEX has around sixty employees.

Agence C3M
Michelle Amiard,


We are pleased to invite you to our stand during the SITL exhibitionwhich will be held

from 19th to 21st March 2024 at the Parc des Expositions in Villepinte, Paris. Hall 7

This year, we are delighted to present our latest software innovations for processing your DELTA I/E customs declarations, and with particular attention paid to new technologies such as artificial intelligence and Blockchain.

Here is what you can discover at our stand:

The presentation of the new CUSTOMS via conex™ and
ZEN via conex™ software applications, their functionalities and the relevance of workflow management in your digitalised customs processes.

Regulatory developments concerning




AI, at the heart of our solutions: discover how our integration of artificial intelligence into our solutions reduces processing times, minimises errors, optimises the efficiency of your customs operations.

La Blockchain.
How we integrate this technology to reinforce your data and message exchange security?


Your presence is valuable to us and enables us to discuss our solutions with you, respond to your questions, consider your specific needs, and explore the solutions we can suggest. We look forward to welcoming you to our stand. Our entire team will be there for you! To prepare your visit, don’t hesitate to complete our questionnaire if you have any questions or specific requests, or if you wish to arrange an appointment during these 3 days.

See you soon on our stand,
The CONEX team

DELTA IE IMPORT 2024 - Deployment of V1: November 2024, for 1 step procedures - A 6-month transition period during which DELTA G IMPORT and DELTA I will coexist - End of the transition period: May 2025

DELTA IE – H1 B1 DECLARATION, the new dress code for your customs data

Since its implementation in 2016, the Union Customs Code (UCC) has had many changes in store for us with regards to the overhaul of customs IT systems. For almost 40 years CONEX has been working to facilitate European customs processes and to harmonise customs data formats… DELTA IE (I for Import and E for Export) will gradually replace DELTA G and X. DELTA IE is just an additional step for which we are prepared in our objective of serving the best interests of our customers.


Those familiar with the current customs declaration will have to abandon the reference to the SAD boxes and give way to a new sequencing of +/- 80 data elements through the H1 import customs declaration and the B1 export customs declaration.


New codifications, a new organisation but the REAL change is hidden in the declarative message. And trust us, we know how to do that!
The structure of the electronic message of the H1 declaration will be perfectly respected in our customs via conex™ software.


  • No additional cost!
    The evolution towards DELTA IE is no exception to the rule that we set for ourselves at CONEX... taking charge of customs regulatory changes to guarantee the sustainability of your investment without surprises!
  • work habits do not change.
  • Everyone keeps their usual environmentDELTA IEdoes not mean a new version of the software, rather an application update.


- Deployment of V1: November 2024, for 1 step procedures

- A 6-month transition period during which DELTA G IMPORT and DELTA I will coexist

- End of the transition period: May 2025



The regulatory formalities required prior to customs clearance of your goods are managed by our SAFE via conex™ solution, connected to the European ICS 2 system and the national PNTS systems (ANTES in France).


ICS2 R3: Deployment of the service for maritime carriers: 3rd June 2024

> End of ICS2 R3 Deployment Window for maritime carriers: 4th December 2024

> ICS2 R3 Deployment Window for maritime house-level filers: 4th December 2024 – 1st April 2025

> ICS2 R3 Deployment Window for Road and Rail carriers: 1st April 2025 – 1st September 2025


- Upgraded Delta T compliant with NCTS Phase 5: Octobre 2024

- End of transition period: 22nd January 2025

Find out how to manage your import/export customs declarations with the CUSTOMS customs software via conex™